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1. How can I buy FIAL products through the online store? arrow_drop_down

FIAL does not carry out e-commerce sales through the website. We do, although, have some customers who resell our products over the internet. On the website click on the menu CONTEÚDO and choose Lojas Virtuais. This page will show a list of retailers who sell our products online.

2. I bought a cone and it showed signs of being mended (i.e., it has a knot). Is this a factory defect? arrow_drop_down

No. The majority of cones and skeins that we produce are not mended (i.e., tied together), however, it is impossible to produce these products without the full presence of a knot. This occurs during the production process when, at the end of a coil of twine (wire cables together without twisting),the skein or cone does not have the right weight (weight is in grams), or, when the string breaks during the process. Therefore, although an undesirable factor, the knot is part of the production process.

3. Is the difference in hue a defect? arrow_drop_down

Colored string is produced from the threads of leftover fabric scraps (recycling process), so, a small variation in color can occur in the same batch. In different batches, color variation is more common; therefore, as directed on the label, it is important that the customer purchase the total quantity of products from the same batch in order to be able to complete a job.

4. I would like to have FIAL's product color chart. Where can I find it? arrow_drop_down

If you are a retailer, please get in touch with our sales department, by email:, or call +55 45 3055 7800 and we will inform you about the service procedure. We only make the product color chart available to retailers. In this case the best way to check our products is through the website.

5. What precautions should I take to avoid color migration when washing the product? arrow_drop_down

Manufacturers of textile products such as clothing, bed, table or bath, mainly advise that, on the first wash, one should not mix light and dark colors, as stains, in this case, can occur. String is no exception, however, artisans often mix colors in their work at the risk of this color migration happening. We emphasize that the practice of mixing colors in a single job is the consumer's decision, but the risk of color migration occurring during the washing process exists. However, if the consumer uses the correct washing practice, the risk of color migration diminishes but does not completely eliminate it.

6. I am a retailer and I am interested in reselling FIAL products. What must I do? arrow_drop_down

FIAL sells only to legal entities (in Brazil, companies) and sales are done through our internal and external sales sector. If you are a retailer, contact us through our website (see the Contact menu), and we will get in touch with you to relay you to the proper person for puchasing.

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