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Ranges of products -- a part of our story.

FIAL has been growing thanks to the support of our community. Learn more about us and understand why we care!

FIAL began more than two decades ago, in September, 1992, in the city of Toledo, Paraná, Brazil. Starting with traditional raw twine and special raw twine, our products became available to trimming stores in the region.

Upon a quick and good market acceptance, FIAL started to produce thick, thin and lurex polypropylene threads as well as color threads that, initially, were produced by dyeing raw cotton thread in the desired colors.

With the advent of recycled yarns from fabric scraps, production was changed to recycled colored yarns.We continue to this day.

Our Policy

Why we constantly think on how to become better -- for over 20 years.

Offering the best infrastructure for our employees to carry out their work with quality, satisfaction and productivity is one of our main goals.

We believe that, this way, we can achieve our objectives and constantly grow while gaining the respect and preferences of storekeepers and customers. Doing the best begins within the company.

With this in mind, we prioritize investment in machinery and equipment, physical infrastructure and qualitative trainings, always focusing on market trends and consumer needs and expectations.

With a wide range of products and nearly 30 years of experience, we are well established as a company, yet, we continue to grow and move forward in the market.

Our Mission

Offer quality products and services at competitive prices, always adopting sustainable processes and procedures to ensure the satisfaction of employees, customers and end-consumers.


Be recognized as a serious, organized, agile and innovative company, where employees, suppliers, customers and end-consumers find satisfaction.





Raise problems and develop innovative solutions with the team. Share ideas, contributing to the progress of those we relate to.




Respect, decency, transparency and seriousness with all involved in the company.




Commitments must be honored.




Achieving the highest standards for our products, people and performance in the marketplace is critical to us.




The inner fuel of each employee to continually do their best.

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