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Social and environmental responsibility

Social and environmental responsibility

We are responsible for what we produce.

Up to the moment of sale, it is the company's duty to care for the staff at FIAL and the ecosystem where raw materials are extracted. We work in an integrated manner so we can fulfill our social and environmental responsibilities.

Psychological Care./h2>

We have partnered with a psychologist who provides assistance on the company's premises, so that the personal and professional reality of each and every employee is taken into consideration.


We have a variety of books available for all styles and tastes, including children's books for family reading. There are about 200 books available for both personal growth and for a moment of leisure with your children, grandchildren, nephews, etc.


Our partnerships with a private plinic and a Hospital ensure that our employees have access to basic medical appointments. An employee's health is a reflection of the company.

Dental Coverage

In agreement with SESI, we offer employees and their families a quality dental plan at affordable prices.

Payroll Deductible Loan:

At the employee's request, we provide payroll-deductible loans through a banking institution. In this way, interest rates are lower and employees can fulfill big goals.

Profit sharing

With a good employee-company relationship in mind, employees receive a bonus every six months, as per internal regulations.

Food Coupons:

Monthly, our workers receive the benefit of
a food voucher.


Recyclable Waste.
All waste arising from the company's production is properly sent to recycling institutions that recondition the materials adding new uses.

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